#Real #Fernando Torres #Liverpool #Nine #Sad


#Real #Fernando Torres #Liverpool #Nine #Sad

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OFFICIAL: Sara Carbonero and Iker Casillas are having a baby! Sara is 13 weeks pregnant. Congratulations to the couple!

oh woooow!

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My babyy I LOVE her so muchhh <3

My babyy I LOVE her so muchhh <3

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 The Prince of Winterfell - Robb Stark (1/?)

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this gotta be the best comment in a youtube video ever. 

someone give this person a medal omg 


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Studded Nails - Day 6 (Greed) of the Deadly Sins Challenge

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“It would be a dream come true to end my career in the club. I had the privilege of starting out in when I was only nine. Time goes quickly, but I’m really pleased with all the things that Real Madrid has given me and all that I’ve given the club. Now you realise that 13 years have gone by and you hope that there’ll be many more. My favourite memory is without a doubt, the first European Cup I won. It was really special and unique for me because in ten months I went from playing in Real Madrid C, in the Third Division, to playing a Champions League final. (x)

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